Thank you and an Announcement!**

Thank you to everyone who came to my first art festival appearance. I have been working hard this year to produce new art and prepare existing art to showcase in the tent. I had so many wonderful people come by and share their love of art with me and their amazing feedback. I had some people take some art home with them which made my heart absolutely dance. I’ll never forget the experience. So thank you again to everyone.

ARTumn art festival 2019

ARTumn art festival 2019


I had all the original paintings in the booth but did not offer prints of those paintings for those who wanted smaller sizes or on different surfaces. In the coming weeks, I’m having all paintings captured and processed to be available to a wider audience! If you love Octopus, now you can have him as a print for your office or home. If Lucky Cat charmed you to pieces, you can order a print of him and have him forever. <3 I’ll be working on making the painting prints available in paper and canvas form. Stay tuned.

I’ll update the website as soon as they are available! If you have any sizes or art you’d like to see in the meantime, please let me know!

Talk to you soon friends!


Lucky Cat (repost from 2018)

You know my favorite feeling in the world? That overwhelming, uplifting rush of: "... I need to make this right now." I had that feeling in a Pei Wei one Sunday after church with the family. I glanced up at their lucky cat on a shelf and just ... wanted to paint it on a huge canvas. So I took the truck, went to Michael's, got the biggest canvas they have and spent my Sunday afternoon painting a cat on a big piece of cloth.


Then after a few more weeks off and on, I had this:


I think it fits quite well in my dining room. Although, I do feel like it is destined to hang above the bar at a modern sushi restaurant or tea room. For now, it makes me smile in the morning and hopefully will bring us some luck in 2018.