I was chosen by CHRISTUS St. Michael Health Syste in Texarkana, USA to design their annual SGK Walk t-shirt. They're a very community-focused hospital and they emphasize that their people are what make the difference in their health care system.  They are celebrating their 100th anniversary: a Century of Healing and wanted their design to reflect that as well as communicate their mission: to “extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ,” by providing quality, compassionate care to all. They also wanted the design to be very fun and recognizable from a distance as their brand.

Their building is very beautiful and recognizable as is their use of the color purple so I created the scene below in hopes to capture their needs. I love how it turned out and they did too. They generously agreed to mail me a t-shirt as well which reveals the real perk of t-shirt design: free t-shirts.

The original sketch concept that was approved