Personal Projects

I can't post work projects here as of right now, but here are a few personal projects from the last year- Please enjoy!


Animated Instagram Campaign

I wanted to try my hand at 2D character animation in this "bendy-arm" style for a while now. Meanwhile, our community investment campaign was needing some flair. We found a way to benefit each other.


Illustration = great joy

The client was inspired by 1950's vintage Christmas cards and I was on-board immediately.

SGK_tshirt mockup2.jpg

Tshirt Design for a hospital

If you're paying attention, then you're noticing a theme here: I like to draw. Any project that uses my illustration is my favorite. It's especially rewarding when it's for a great institution like CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System.


A logo design

I believe very much in processes. This logo design for a new industrial service company was proof that when you trust the process, your work will always benefit.