2D Character animation

I fell in love with the fluid-arm 2D character animation trend of 2015. I began looking for ways to incorporate it into my daily work and challenged myself to find a use for this very playful style. The challenge was, it had to be relevant and make sense for the content. I don't advocate doing something fun only for fun's sake. I took a look at our Community Investment campaigns and thought we could use some fresh designs and Instagram is a great place to experiment a little. I came up with a campaign that would use a weekly animation to educate our viewers and get them excited about the race.

Character designs for the SGK Instagram campagin 

Each character would be a participant in the walk. Two would be introduced a week and represent a theme for that week. Our week 1 original character would kick off the month. The week 2 characters would celebrate "Pink Day." Our rig guy and elderly character walked in on week 3. Week 4, we introduced survivor characters. Week 5, our survivor characters got support from their friends that appeared beside them. And week 6, our kids bounced in to promote "Family Walk & Kids K."

Animated characters designed from concepts above

Animated characters designed from concepts above

I designed, built and animated the characters and the final comps.