Multiple Projects = 1 Space.

Our team provides a lot of value but sometimes we can forget how much we're contributing to the organization SO we thought it'd be a great idea to make a giant metal board to capture our current projects and put it right in your face! Behold our Project Board! Now by posting mini-project briefs and related visuals, we have more visibility within the organization and onlookers can see exactly what we're contributing: a lot!

Video credit Paul Dufilho 2016

Our next phase is adding customized magnets for each member of our team. Now you can let everyone know that you're a part of a project by literally slapping your face on it!

Starting with the girls- boys are hard to draw!

Starting with the girls- boys are hard to draw!

This board is not a method of project management however: simply a tool to give us a view of the bigger picture and provide more visibility for our team to our leadership. I'll update you when we receive our magnets. I can't wait to have 10 magnets of my face to stick everywhere. Sorry in advance, every fridge I see.